Flanders House Explosion

Neighbors were greeted by a loud explosion that took the one story home at 500 Drakestown Rd. and leveled it to a large pile of rubble. Flanders fire chief and the Mt. Olive Police officers called in the Morris County Prosecutors Office who set up a crime scene and started the investigation. There was no fire upon arrival of the fire crews so the focus was on searching the structure. Crews from the Morristown and Patterson Urban Search and Rescue Teams were called in along with a FAST assignment from the Budd Lake Fire Department to start the task of searching the house to be sure the house was vacant. Additional crews were called from Roxbury and Chester Fire Companies to assist. After a thorough search the house was conformed to be empty. There were no injuries at the scene and companies were starting to be released around 5:00 pm and all units cleared up around 8:30 pm. Photo’s By Kevin Maloney / Willie Cirone