Morris County Region 4 Mutual Aide Group Holds Ice Rescue Class

Saturday and Sunday December 3rd and 4th were not your typical winter days with tempters in the low to mid 50’s it was hard to think a bought ice rescue but firefighters still trained for the ice season. Departments from Florham Park, Budd Lake, Randolph, Schooleys Mountain, Wharton, Boonton Township, Boonton and Morristown Fire Departments went through a two day intense class on using through bags and ice sleds as well as other skills needed to rescue people that may fall through the ice, the class was taught by Lifeguard Systems, Inc. The 32 firefighters put on ice rescue suits and did all the training in the water because the lake was not frozen but it still proved to be a valuable drill and prepared all for the upcoming winter season. For more tips on ice rescue go to