1800’s Old Mill burns in Flanders

Firefighters were called to Route 206 and Flanders Netcong Rd. in the Flanders section of Mount Olive for a smoke condition called in by Mount Olive Police. Flanders Fire department was the first to be called and within minutes the Budd Lake Fire department was also called, first arriving Assistant Chief 91 and then the Chief Car … Read more

Small Fire on Netcong Rd.

Recently Firefighters were called to Netcong Rd. for a report of smoke coming from the second floor of a home. Car 51 arrived and reported smoke from the second floor with a report of someone trapped. Car 52 arrived and using a self-contained breathing apparatus search the second floor, removed a victim, and called for … Read more

Air Bag Training

Recently the fire department drilled on the use of air bags and struts, using a donated school bus. The crew were given two scenarios one was a worker trapped under the front of the bus and the second one was a bus overturned on a car with people trapped. The crews used air bags to … Read more

Keeping it Clean and Preventing Cancer

Recently the Fire Department put in service a new washer and dryer for firefighting gear only. The special washer is designed to was turnout gear witch helps keep the cancer causing carcinogens off firefighter and preventing them from taking it home to there loved ones. The dryer is not your average dryer it is designed … Read more

Watching the Burn During 5 K

This past weekend the fire department stood by a hot fire pit as runners prepared to run a 5 K run sponsored by the Mount Olive Recreation Department. Engine 59 with a crew of 6 stood by and assisted with keeping the fire burning and at the end extinguishing it. We also had our recruitment … Read more

Firefighting to Law Enforcement

Congratulations to Budd Lake Firefighters Brandon Hart and Pano Tsekouras on graduating from Cape May County Police Academy as SLEO Class II Officers! These young men will be protecting the residents and visitors of Wildwood NJ throughout the summer season. You make your family at BLFD proud and we’ll always have your backs.

Firefighters Assist State Police on The Lake

Just as the ice was getting thin on Budd Lake with warming temperatures people were hanging on to the last bit of ice fishing when late Saturday night police received a call of a missing male that was reported to be ice fishing. Car 50 and Rescue 55 along with the rescue squad assisted the … Read more

Recent Calls Last Week

Over the last week the department responded to 2 motor vehicle crashes and 2 small car fires. 1 Crash was minor and required just general cleanup. 1 Crash the jaws of life were used all patients had minor injuries. The 2 car fires were small one on the interstate with a small fire under the … Read more

Santa Returns to Budd Lake

Santa heard that a little boy and his sisters needed their presents replaced after a fire at their home. So, Santa looked in his 2020 list an found the new gifts and with the help of Firefighting Elves he was escorted to where the family was staying in the trade zones Residents Inn and Christmas … Read more

Longhorn Steak House Burns

On January 18th Monday night just before midnight Flanders and Budd Lake Fire Companies responded to the Longhorn Steak House on International Dr. for a reported structure fire that came in as a fire alarm and was quickly reported from police as a working fire from the dumpster area. Car 90 arrived and confirmed a … Read more