Firefighters Keep Up There Ice Rescue Training

Posted on March 1, 2013

Budd Lake Firefighters conducted an outdoor ice rescue drill on the Budd lake beach, the drill took 2 hours to complete and firefighters took turns making rescues off the lake and handling the ropes as well as teaching where all the equipment goes and how to deploy it. Seasoned veteran keep up on their training and newer members learned the ropes.  

Budd Lake Fire Gets Greener

Posted on March 30, 2013

The Budd Lake Fire Department continues to go green. The firehouse was previously upgraded with energy efficient lighting, heating and air conditioning. The latest improvement is a solar electric system designed by GeoscapeSolar of Livingston to produce nearly all the department’s current and future electrical needs. The project includes 218 solar panels which will generate enough electricity to eliminate summer power bills at the building and the summer savings will help offset winter energy costs when solar power is less productive. Work on installing the panels began in February and the system is expected to go on-line by the end of the month. Past improvements have included replacing light fixtures with high efficiency fluorescents; the old oil burners were replaced with high efficiency gas boilers, reducing heat bills by more than 30 percent; and the 1970’s air conditioning system was replaced by energy saving models.

After months of research and considering quotes from other contractors, the department contracted with GeoscapeSolar to design, install and maintain the solar panel system.

Jeff Chaukin, president of GeoscapeSolar, said non-profit and public agencies often don’t start solar programs because they find it difficult to maneuver through the bureaucratic rules, such as competitive bidding and winning approval of various boards.

Chaukin said he has presented proposals to 15 various non-profits and governmental agencies and the Budd Lake Fire Department was the only one to finalize an agreement.

 None of these projects would be possible if not for the generosity of our friends and neighbors we are working hard to make your donation dollars go further by improving efficiency and eliminating waste. When you pass by the firehouse and see our solar panels glistening in the sun you can smile knowing your donations are hard at work generating clean electric power.”


Budd Lake Firefighters Burn Field For Local Farmer

Posted on March 30, 2013

Saturday March 30th the Budd Lake Fire Department helped out a local farmer on Stevens State Park Road by burning off a large section of field so they can clear large sections to start planting crops for this season. Firefighters made hand lines around the fire and then started to burn in around the perimeter the conditions were just right for the burn lower humidity and light wind helped the burn go off nicely. Firefighters used the burn to get some great training for the upcoming brush fire season. The burn lasted a bought two hours.

Budd Lake Firefighters Live Burn Training

Posted on March 30, 2013

Tuesday night March 26th firefighters trained on fire attack and Rapid Intervention Practices at the Warren County Fire Academy. They did 5 burns on the second and third floors of the training tower also the junior and non-pack guys worked on other tasks such as ladder placement and accountability.