Budd Lake Firefighters Assist In Operation Red Zone

Posted on April 2, 2011

On March 19th 2011 the Meadowlands stadium in East Rutherford NJ was turned into a large scale Police, EMS and Fire Department decontamination drill for the Bergen County mutual aid groups with help from Morris County, Union, Essex and other special units from across New Jersey and the city of New York. The drill was run by F.E.M.A. and involved a large-scale bomb scenario with over 1,000 victims being deconed and treated by EMS. It was a very impressive display of Emergency equipment. Budd Lake assisted the Morris County task force with setting up a decontamination line for victims of a terrorist attack. Budd Lake, Roxbury, Schoolyes Mountain, Fairmont, Brookside and Netcong Fire Departments made up the task force.     


Budd Lake & Flanders Fire Departments Along With Bryam Township Drill On Water Shuttle

Posted on April 2, 2011

The crews spent the Sunday morning going over the procedures for bringing water from a good source in this case the lake to places that do not have water and making sure that water can be applied to a fire in a quick and timely fashion. The departments worked on drafting from the lake and filling the Tenders then dumping the water into portable pools. The teams then worked on taking the water from the pools and putting it on the fire. 

Budd Lake Responds To Car Fire At Burger King

Posted on April 2, 2011

Sunday afternoon on March 27th the Budd Lake Fire Department responded to the parking lot of Burger King for a car fire, Car 50 and 51 arrived and reported a working car fire. Engine 59 arrived and stretched their front bumper line and had the fire knocked down in 5 minutes and kept the fire confined to the engine compartment. There were no reported injuries. 

NJ Forest Fire Burns At Budd Lake Fire House

Posted on April 10, 2011

NJ State Forest Fire Warden Willie Cirone burned off some bush along the South Branch of the Raritan River behind the Budd Lake Fire House. As part of clearing off some brush and thinning out the bank the fire burned quick and was kept in check with Engine Co. 53 close by. The burn lasted abought a half hour.

A Two Car Crash On Rt. 46 Sends Two To The Hospital

Posted on April 22, 2011

Thursday afternoon firefighters responded to Rt. 46 & Smithtown Rd. for the motor vehicle crash with fire, Car 52 arrived and had one car on fire and all people out of the cars. The first arriving police officer hit the fire with a fire extinguisher as the crew of Squad 56 was arriving. The crew finished putting out the little fire that was left as Hackettstown EMS transported the injured. The road was opened after a half hour.