Budd Lake Fire Department Conducts Tender Drill

Posted on June 1, 2013

Saturday morning May 4th 2013 Budd Lake and Flanders Firefighters along with several mutual aid fire companies participated in a large scale tender drill in a section of town where recently a home was lost to fire that area of town is without hydrants so to calm the fears of the public firefighters honed their skills and residences got to see firsthand how water is delivered to their part of town. Water was brought in from the lake by the Budd Lake Beach where fire company engines drafted from the lake to provide the needed water. After flowing several thousand gallons of water the drill was over and all fire fighters went back to the Budd Lake Fire House for lunch and a debriefing of the drill.   


Firefighters Extinguish Car Fire On Rt. 46 At Rt. 80

Posted on June 1, 2013

Friday May 24th late afternoon Engine 59, Squad 56, EMS 61 and Car 51 responded to Rt. 46 at the entrance to Rt. 80 for the car fire upon arrival of Car 51 the car was 75% involved in fire. As Engine 59 pulled up they used the bumper line and attack the fire and had it knocked down within 15 minutes. There were no injuries and the highway was reopened in 15 minutes Squad 56 and EMS 61 assisted on the scene.   



Budd Lake Ladder 58 Participates In The Newark 46th Annual Muster

Posted on June 9, 2013

The Newark NJ fire departments 46th annual Newark Fire Department Historical Association antique fire apparatus muster and parade was held at Washington Park on Sunday June 2nd there was a lot to see fire trucks food bag pipe band and a great collection of classic cars all on hand for all to enjoy. The day was toped of by a short drive through parade around the streets of Newark.  

Budd Lake Firefighters Train On Gas Fires

Posted on June 24, 2013

The fire department made a recent trip to the Warren County Fire Academy to learn and train on different types of gas fires. They started out with household gas meter fires with only a bought 10 lbs. of gas presser then went to underground vault fires with 30 lbs. then went on to an underground leak fire and finished up with industrial gas feed fires that had 60 plus lbs. The training lasted two hours and crews took turns working hose streams and the proper way to protect exposers.  

Firefighters Train On Rapid Intervention

Posted on June 30, 2013

Firefighters from Hackettstown and Budd Lake completed training on Raped Intervention firefighters over a three day period trained hard in safety and survival as well as rescuing down firefighters. The training was conducted at the Budd Lake fire house as well as a house under construction in Morris Chase housing development. Congrats to Damian Holmes, Matthew Drescher, Bill King on Passing their Class and will be assigned to the Rapid Intervention Crew.