Budd Lake Fire Department Conducts Live Fire Training

Posted on September 2, 2011

Firefighters trained in the Warren County training center using the class A burn building for training on putting out second floor fires and rescuing victims from the third floor and bringing them down the ladder. Firefighters rotated crews in and out all having a chance to put out fire or doing the rescues.

Budd Lake Firefighters Assist With MS Society Mud Run

Posted on September 2, 2011

Members of the Budd Lake Fire Department participated in the first annual MS Society Mud Run in Liberty State Park in Jersey City by setting up several hose lines for a shower so contestants could wash off the mud before leaving. The event entered over 1,000 runners covering a 6.2 mile Military style obstacle course all in mud, raising close to $200,000 dollars for MS. The fire department saw over 900 runners come through the shower station.   


Budd Lake Responds To Small Barn Fire

Posted on September 2, 2011

Thursday August 25th around 10:15 am calls came in for a fire in the Village Green Apartment complex as chiefs and police arrived it was found that the fire was behind the complex on Waterloo Rd. Crews arrived at 80 Waterloo Rd. and had a barn 50 x 80 with a trailer on the side fully involved in fire. Engine 53 was the first in engine and stretched an inch and three quarter hose line on the fire. Command called for a second alarm and as mutual aid companies came in crews stretched two more lines and started to get the fire under control tenders were also brought in to assist with water supply do to the lack of hydrants in the area. The barn was used as a storage shed, storing everything from newspapers, wood, hay and pool chemicals. The fire was brought under control within one hour there were no injuries at the scene, the fire is under investigation by the Mt. Olive Police and Fire Marshal’s office. A great piece of history was found at the fire someone found a newspaper dated 1971 and on the cover was a story of the lumber yard fire in Hackettstown NJ ironically the Hackettstown Fire Company was on the scene of this fire. That piece will be put on display at their fire station.    

Mt. Olive Gets Hit Hard By Irene

Posted on September 2, 2011

The long week started with a Thursday morning pre storm that started a barn on fire on Waterloo Rd. and then Saturday Irene blew in and started what was to be one of the worst storms that Mt. Olive has scene in a long time. Crews started to receive calls shortly after dark and it just kept up till Sunday night with both Flanders and Budd Lake Emergency crews busy for over 35 straight hours. The Budd Lake Fire Department alone responded to 30 plus calls for everything from alarms, rescues, power lines down and flooding. There were 4 people rescued from cars stuck in water, over 35 people were rescued from parts of Flanders, the department was also called to assist in Long Valley for a car stuck in the water with entrapment and over 100 cellar pump outs were performed. From Saturday night till late Sunday crews were up for over 35 hours without sleep all to protect the citizens of Mount Olive. The calls did not stop until late Tuesday night there was furnace problems, basements flooded and oil spills still needed to cleaned up. The crews were very lucky to have a great Ladies Auxiliary that stayed with us providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the guys as well as some manning the call center at town hall. All Mt. Olive Emergency Responder’s went above and beyond the call of duty without one complaining once.        

Minivan Crashes Into Budd Lake Apartment Building

Posted on September 5, 2011

Saturday September 3rd a mother and her 4 kids stopped to put up friends at the Eagle Rock Apartment complex and thought the van was in park as she started to get out the van rolled down a twenty foot hill and over a stone wall and through an apartment wall. The mom was thrown from the van but not injured the kids were transported to a local hospital to be checked out. A male inside the apartment was in the bathroom at the time and was transported to the hospital with lacerations to the legs and upper body. The fire department secured the van and secured the water that was coming from a broken pipe in the basement. The apartment and the one above were shut down by the building department until repairs could be made.  

Budd Lake Fire Prevention Open House

Posted on September 30, 2011