Budd Lake Handles Shocking MVA

Posted on November 6, 2010

Thursday night November 4th as the rain was making a mess of roadways Budd Lake Firefighters responded to International Dr. in front of 100 for the car that crashed into an electric transformer. Firefighters arrived and had to wait for the power company to shut down power to the underground transformer that the car was on top of. After around 45 min. the tow truck was aloud to remove the car and firefighters were released. The driver was not hurt in the crash but is lucky it could have been a real shock.   

Budd Lake Fire Extricates One On Rt. 80

Posted on November 10, 2010

On the afternoon of November 9, the Budd Lake Fire Dept and Hackettstown Regional Medical were dispatched to the 25-mile marker on Route 80 west for the reported roll over. On arrival of Car 50 (Chief Maloney) entrapment of one patient was confirmed. Squad 56 went to work with their Hurst tools and extricated the patient who was then air lifted to Morristown by Air One. There were two more patients transported to Hackettstown Hospital and one refused medical treatment. The highway was down to one lane for around 2 hours

Budd Lake Firefighters Train In A Second Vacant House

Posted on November 14, 2010

Saturday morning November 13th firefighters drilled in a house that is set to be torn down. Firefighters split into two teams one team drilled on fire attack and forcible entry. The other team put up ladders and worked on venting roofs, skylights and vent caps. The second part of the training was rescuing trapped firefighters as crews took turns being rescued from a basement with a hose line then it on to practicing ladder bail outs. The crews all had a good time and valued the training. The drill lasted till around 1:00 pm and after clean up lunch was served. Photos by Kevin Maloney 

Budd Lake Firefighters Assist Police

Posted on November 24, 2010

Saturday night October 20th the Mt. Olive police contacted the fire department and asked them to respond to the intersection of St. James and Manner House Rd. for a tree that was laying on phone wires and hanging across the road causing a dangerous condition. Ladder 58 was put into service and used the ladder and chain saws to cut the tree and make the roadway safe. Crews cleared in abought one hour.