Budd Lake Assists Netcong

Posted on December 23, 2019

Ladder 58 was the rapid intervention assignment and Engine 59 was a water supply assignment

As the sun came up around 7 am Morris County Communications center received a call for a fire alarm from 48 main street a laundromat as Chief one arrived an quickly reported smoke and fire coming from the side of the building a re-tone and a second alarm was struck. Engine 1 and tower 1 arrived and started an interior attack trying to move up to the second floor after starting to make progress the fire had advanced up through void spaces and was pushing heavy smoke from the third floor and started to run the cockloft crews were the evacuated and a defensive attack was started. Mutual Aid companies were starting to arrive and 3 ladder trucks were placed in service along with several hand lines. The town water system was starting to lose water presser so the third alarm was called an long hose lays were dropped to a nearby lake and water was drafted to offset the water system. There were 3 different building collapses during the fire but no injuries were reported. Crews remained on scene for over 8 hours and with the help of a excavator the fire was put down. The Morris County Sheriff’s Office, Prosecutor, State Fire Marshal and Netcong Police all are investigating the fire. 



Firefighters Respond To Person Through The Ice

Posted on December 23, 2019

This past weekend firefighters responded to the Budd Lake beach for report of a person that fell through the ice. Chief one reported the person was out of the water and on land but needed the Rescue to continue in so they could retrieve the persons stuff still on the ice. Firefighters suited up with their ice rescue gear and went onto the lake and brought the persons stuff back to shore. No one was injured but a close call Please be safe on the ice.


Trailer Up In Smoke In Budd Lake

Posted on December 28, 2019

Saturday morning Netcong Police reported a large column of smoke from the love lane area so Netcong, Stanhope and Budd Lake Fire Departments were dispatched. Budd Lake Car 51 arrived and reported a trailer fully involved and took command, the fire was in Budd Lakes district Netcong engine 1 was the first to arrive and started an attack with Budd Lake’s engine 59 next in crews had 3 hand lines in service as Stanhope fire laid a supply line in. The trailer was a work shop with a lot of tools and tires as well as motor oil. The fire was knock down but Netcong’s tower ladder was put in service to hit some hot spots that could not be done from the ground. Flanders Fire secured a second supply line and assisted with overhaul Byram Fire’s Rescue was called to the scene to full SCBA bottles. Budd Lake, Flanders and Stanhope-Netcong EMS also assisted. There were no injuries and the fire in under investigation by the Mount Olive Police and the Fire Marshal’s Office. The Morris County Haz-Mat Team was on scene as well for the oil spill.