Welcome To The Budd Lake Fire Department!

Welcome to The Budd Lake Fire Department
Our Mission

It is the intent and goal of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Assistance and Education to both it's members and the general public. The manner in which we will provide these services shall be systematically approached and in accordance with the safest practices and procedures of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division). Above all, it is the intent of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest and quickest out come of any Emergency or Non - Emergency Incident that is confronted by the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division).

New Fund Raising Coming In 2014

Posted on January 10, 2014

The Fire Department Has Decided to Eliminate Bingo

and Start Doing Some Fun and Exciting

Fund Raising so Stay Tuned for

More Info 

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Thank You

We are Looking Forward to Seeing You all Around Town 

Up Dates To Page

Posted on September 3, 2013

Go to Files / Forms and see;

Hall and Pavilion Brochure and Hall Rentals forms

Members Wanted

Posted on August 10, 2012

Members Wanted

The Budd Lake Fire Department is looking for strongly motivated people to volunteer in their community and make a difference to the citizens of Mount Olive.

All you need is a will to train, take pride in helping people, and a willingness to work with others with the same goal of making a difference in your town.

Please go to the forms section of the web page and fill out the information sheet and stop by any Tuesday Night between
6:30 and 9:00 pm.

"Also see our become a member page for more info"

Car Smashes Into Budd Lake Cleaners

Posted on March 24, 2014

Early Sunday Morning March 23rd Budd Lake Fire and Rescue Squad responded to a call of a car into a building at My Sweet Cleaners on Rt. 46. Units arrived and found a man that hit a telephone pole and then ran into the front windows and door of the cleaners and landed on top of the planter and sign. The driver removed himself from the car and was taken to an area hospital with minor injuries. Squad 56, Rescue 77, Rig 75 and cars 50 and 51 were on the scene Mt. Olive Police are investigating.  

Train Smashes Pickup In Budd Lake

Posted on March 24, 2014

Friday night February 21st on a dark and snowy ice covered section of Waterloo Rd. two teens tried driving over the railroad tracks and got stuck just as the crossing gates were coming down both teens jumped from the truck and escaped as the train smashed into it. The train was going to the Hackettstown station with 12 passengers on board no one was injured. The NJ Transit Police and the Mt. Olive Police are investigating the crash.  

Mt. Olive Fire Responds To Car Fire In Oakwood Village Complex

Posted on March 24, 2014

After heavy snow covered the area and made getting around town tuff Flanders and Budd Lake Fire Companies were called to a car fire near building 50 at Oakwood Village Apartment Complex crew were just clearing from a struck gas line in a row of stores on Rt. 206. First arriving Chiefs confirmed a working car fire Engine 59 and Rescue 77 arrived and stretched and inch and three quarter line and had the fire knocked down within 5 minutes. There were no injuries and crews cleared within a half hour. http://www.1strespondernews.com/webpages/news/displayNews.aspx?PT=news&ID=a4023bce-e4e3-4f97-840d-635ede48e88d

Ambulance Catches Fire In Budd Lake

Posted on February 9, 2014

Sunday February 9th at 3:17 in the morning in the Hensen Village Apartment complex Budd Lakes Ambulance 75 was starting to transport a patient to a local hospital when smoke started to come out of the dash crew members quickly got there patient out of the back and removed him to an apartment for safety. The crew chief called in to Mt. Olive Dispatch and reported the fire and Budd Lake Fire was dispatched the seen Car 50, 51, 52 arrived and followed by Engine 59 and Ladder 58, engine 59 stretched there front bumper line and had the fire under control within 15 minutes the rig was a total loss. Budd Lake and Flanders First Aid Squads responded and transported the original patient as well as two crew members to the hospital with smoke inhalation. 


Budd Lake Fights Weather And A Car Fire

Posted on January 24, 2014

As a winter storm got going so did the Budd Lake Fire Company as the snow started to increase a call came in for a car fire in the Village Green Apartments complex in the parking lot of building one. Car 52 arrived and reported a car fire Engine 59 pulled in and stretched the front bumper line and quickly extinguished the fire. There were no injuries at the scene and companies were back in service within a half hour. 

Budd Lake Fire Assists Police With Flooding

Posted on January 24, 2014

During a heavy rain storm the fire department was requested to Crestwood Circle for a street flooding issue. Crews found that the drainage pipe in the street was crushed and that the town was going to make repairs on Monday so to keep water from getting into the homeowners basements a portable pump was put into place and pumped away to a storm drain down the street after a few hours the water was safely removed and repairs were made on Monday.

Budd Lake Sends Tender And Engine To Jefferson Twp.

Posted on January 11, 2014

Saturday December 28th 2013 Budd Lake Fire was dispatched to Jefferson in the Milton section of town for a junk yard fire. Engine 59 and Tender 57 left for what was to be a long night after arriving around 7:30 pm the engine was sent to a park on the back side of the fire and pumped water to other trucks for 12 hours. The Tender also was there for 12 hours dumping around 30 to 40 loads of water. Around 2 am a relief crew was sent in the replace an already tired crew the engine and tender returned back around 8 am the next morning.



Budd Lake R.I.C. Team Assists Hackettstown Fire

Posted on January 11, 2014

During a winter snow storm on Thursday night January 2nd Hackettstown firefighters responded to Valentine St. and Monroe St. for a reported house fire units made a quick knock down of a fire that was confined to the outside of the chimney and started to extend to the first floor, one line was stretched and some overhaul was performed. Budd Lake and Washington Bro. fire companies were assigned as Raped Intervention Crews and the Tri County (Station 29) Fire company assisted with man power. There were no injuries at the scene.