Welcome To The Budd Lake Fire Department!

Welcome to The Budd Lake Fire Department
Our Mission

It is the intent and goal of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Assistance and Education to both it's members and the general public. The manner in which we will provide these services shall be systematically approached and in accordance with the safest practices and procedures of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division). Above all, it is the intent of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest and quickest out come of any Emergency or Non - Emergency Incident that is confronted by the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division).

Coming In 2019 New Rescue 55

Posted on June 25, 2018

6/25/2018-The Budd Lake Fire Department has signed a contract with Ferrara Fire Apparatus for a new Rescue Truck Rescue 55 this truck will replace Squad 56 and Tac. 55 sold through Firefighter One of Sparta. 

The members of the truck committee traveled to Holden, LA to the Ferrara Fire Apparatus plant to conduct a pre-construction meeting and tour the factory. More updates will follow when available.   

Members Wanted

Posted on June 28, 2017

"Se our become a member page for more info"

Budd Lake Assists Mansfield Twp.

Posted on August 30, 2018

Tuesday August 28th shortly before 10 am Budd Lake Fire was requested into Mansfield Twp. On Allen Rd. for a house fire Ladder 58 responded as a Rapid Intervention Team with a crew of 6 and Chief 50. Crews stood by and also assisted with some fire suppression and overhaul. Crews returned to quarters within 2 hours.

Firefighters Attend More Community Events

Posted on August 21, 2018

It has been a busy summer between answering fire calls members also participated in National Night Out supporting the Police with fun stuff for the kids and adults with a hose drill for the kids and 5 ton rides for both adults and kids. The department also had trucks on display at the towns touch a truck event that was fun and a huge success one again.

Jr. Firefighters Making Us Proud

Posted on July 25, 2018

Making us proud!

Congratulations to our Junior Firefighters who have completed the required Firefighter One training academy. As each them turns 18 they are now prepared to fulfill all the duties of a firefighter.
The young men also on Friday August 17th 2018 recived there certificates from the academy at the graduation ceremony. 

Junior members of the department can join with their parents permission at age 16 and ride along side regular firefighters and participate in certain supervised activities until 18. At 18 they will the become probationary members of the department and then become regular members after probation.

Interested in joining the department?
Stop by the fire house any Tuesday evening!

Community Assistance By The Fire Department

Posted on June 21, 2018

The Fire Company assisted with some recent community events. The first was filling the new Mount Olive Community Pool using tankers and large diameter hose. The second was working with Flanders and Roxbury tender for several hours filling the pits for the raiders of the lost park mud run. @ Turkey Brook Park. Also while up at the park Budd Lake FD members met courage from the Anti bully squad. #blfd #ABS #stepinandspeakout @ Turkey Brook Park

Somerset County Training Live Burns

Posted on June 18, 2018

Recently the fire department attended the academy and used there Phase 5 Live Burn training prop. Firefighters ran 3 scenarios a fire in the basement, a fire on the second floor and a kitchen fire it was hot but the training was priceless. The next weekend the firefighters were back at this time training with the Allamuchy Fire Department in the same phase 5 live burn building this time crews worked together on Rapid Intervention Crew training a special training dedicated to saving down firefighters. This training again was priceless and improved our mutual aid confidence.

More Training Car Fires This Time

Posted on June 16, 2018

Saturday morning June 16th firefighters were up early and out at the Warren County Fire Academy for some live car fire training. After acquiring two cars and a couple bales of hay the instructors lit the fires and crews took turns burning one car then the other and the last evolution both cars were lit and two crews went on the attack. The firefighters sharpened their skills on hose line advancement, cutting hoods and chocking wheels. Crews got in some great training and then it was off for lunch. Great job as always by the instructors of the academy.   

Early AM Budd Lake Car Fire Rt. 80

Posted on June 12, 2018

Around 4:30 am Tuesday June 12 the 911 center received calls of a car on fire on Interstate Route 80 west at mile marker 23.9. NJ State Police arrived and had a car with fire coming from the engine compartment car 51 and 50 arrived on scene and reported a working car fire. Engine 59 took the shoulder and right lane of travel, stretched their front bumper line, and knocked out the fire that was now 75% involved with in 15 minutes. There were no injuries and all units were back in service within forty-five minutes.


Mutual Aid Into Allamuchy

Posted on June 2, 2018

6/1/18 Mutual aid into Allamuchy for a working house fire. BLFD responded with Ladder 58 as a RIT along with Tender 57 for water supply. Ladder 58 stood by as RIT and then put to work for manpower. Tender 57 made multiple water deliveries to the dump site. #BLFD #91Fire @ Allamuchy, New Jersey

Some Recent Accident’s Responders Handled

Posted on May 31, 2018

Within the last 2-months Mount Olive First Responders responded to several crashes in town. The Fire Companies used jaws on some and others were just simple cleanup’s there were no life threating injuries at these crashes.  


Flanders Road Car Fire

Posted on May 31, 2018

Budd Lake and Flanders Fire departments were dispatched to a car fire on Flanders road late afternoon on Tuesday. Engine 59 was first due and stretched there front bumper line and started to knock down the fire as Rescue 97 arrived and assisted. The fire was put out within 20 minutes and all units returned within a half hour. No injuries were reported.