Welcome to the Budd Lake Fire Department

Our Mission

It is the intent and goal of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Assistance and Education to both it’s members and the general public. The manner in which we will provide these services shall be systematically approached and in accordance with the safest practices and procedures of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division). Above all, it is the intent of the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division) to provide the safest and quickest out come of any Emergency or Non – Emergency Incident that is confronted by the Budd Lake Fire Department (Fire Division).

Latest News

  • Tender 57 goes to Chester
    57 and Car 50 & 51 responded and 57 shuttled water till the early morning hours. Around 11 pm on September 7th Chester Police while on patrol on Rt. 206 Saw a glow from Lamerson Rd. and called the Morris County Communication Center advising a well involved house fire. Chester Chief 1 went on scene … Read more
  • Hazmat on International Dr.
    Around noon on September 2 Budd Lake Fire was dispatched for a tanker truck leaking its contents into the roadway. It was estimated that 1000 gallons of potentially hazardous fluid had leaked from the trailer. Due to the large volume of liquid Morris County HAZMAT was requested. Budd Lake fire units and Morris County HAZMAT … Read more
  • Budd Lake Trains with Stanhope Fire
    The department held a training drill on a vacant house that was scheduled to be torn down. The crews did search and rescue drills, hand line placement and fire attack scenarios also mixed in a few rapid intervention crew rescues. The departments took turns using Netcong’s ladder truck and Stanhope’s ladder to cut vent holes … Read more
  • Budd Lake Fire Proudly Fly’s the Flag
    This week the fire department traveled to UPS and Mount Olive School District to fly the American Flag Proudly. Friday the UPS warehouse in the trade zone held there 114 year Founders Barbeque and fundraiser for Matty Auer who was killed when a tree fell and landed on her UPS truck in Vernon NJ. The … Read more
  • Mount Olive Emergency Services Joint Training
    Recently the Flanders Fire & Rescue and the Budd Lake Fire & Rescue trained under the direction of Mount Olive Police at a local school in preparedness for an active shooter situation. The crews worked with officers on the techniques of rescuing people that may be shot or injured in an active shooter situation. They … Read more