Budd Lake and Netcong Fire Respond to Crash on Rt. 80

Early Thursday afternoon Firefighters from Budd Lake and Netcong Fire responded to Rt. 80 West at exit 26 as Rains slicked roads in Mt. Olive caused a Tractor Trailer to jack knife and hit a car and then skid riding the top of the guardrail in the median splitting open its oil pan and sending oil over 4 lanes of the interstate. Firefighters along with Morris County Haz-Mat cleaned up the roadway and the State Police had the roadway open within an hour. Check out more on this crash here; http://1strespondernews.com/webpages/news/DisplayNews.aspx?PT=state&state=NJ&ID=d9a2a36e-1c9d-46cf-9feb-dbb303fd8792